We used KCI to build a new house in Los Altos. The design was complicated because it included a large basement on a lot with some slope. We researched 5 local builders before deciding to use KCI. We chose KCI after speaking with many of their former clients and seeing some of their recent projects. We could not be happier with their work. KCI built our home on budget and on time (12 months). Jim or David were on site every day to keep things moving and make sure everything was done properly. They are exceptionally detail oriented and take a great deal of pride in the home that they will deliver to you. And they stand behind their work. They are honest, ethical, and 100% committed to their clients. Building a home with KCI was a stress free experience. They are the best in the business.

Neal J. StephensPalo Alto, CA

Jim Kramer of KCI provided us the most ideal combination of professionalism and top quality workmanship when building our dream home in Los Altos. From the initial consultation to final details of the construction, Jim delivered a superior product with services that’s beyond our expectation. The fact that our home was a historical home built in 1926, Jim took on the added challenges of working and satisfying special requirements from the historical commission, city planning office and appeared in two public hearings all without difficulties. Jim truly made the remodel very easy for us by staying on schedule, effectively managed the budget while maintained a consistent communication with us throughout the process with extra effort on follow up support. Not once we feel neglected or misguided. Equally superior to Jim’s home construction was his work on landscaping. Our yard was transformed into a park like setting with design and quality praised by many. Thank you Jim for making our dream home a beautiful, comfortable and relaxing place to raise our family.

David & Lu Lu HuCampbell Ave, Los Altos,CA

I highly recommend Kramer Construction Inc. as a general contractor to build a custom home or complete an extensive renovation of an existing home. Jim, David and Fred are seasoned professionals with a wealth of construction project management experience. KCI has an extensive track record of success based upon their focus of meeting or exceeding project cost goals and schedule commitments.

KCI managed the development of a ‘teardown’ property for us. KCI coordinated all facets of the project, which culminated in a new, 4443 sq. ft. custom home with 1500 sq. ft. of subterranean living space. KCI oversaw the integration of eco-friendly technologies including an innovative pergola mounted photovoltaic solar system, a solar hot water system, hydronic radiant heating on two levels, and a whole house audio/video control system.

I’ve been most impressed with KCI’s follow up and customer service. They have responded to and resolved every post construction issue we encountered. Partnering with KCI was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Brion LaPointe

When we searched for a builder to work with, KCI was suggested by a trusted realtor friend who knew them closely and had seen many of the houses they created. When I did my own due diligence and spoke with a dozen former clients, I was struck with how positive and consistent the feedback from everyone was. Jim Kramer and KCI delivered on expectation, delivered on-time and reasonably within budget. Most impressively, they stood behind everything they built and actively worked with clients long after the process was complete to make sure any last details were addressed and the client was happy. All this has been validated with my own experience and I really have to say that Jim and KCI exceeded all my expectations.

We worked with Jim and KCI on an extremely ambitious and large project, and it was completed exactly on the schedule that was promised. While the budget did exceed our original forecasts, much of this was related to decisions that were made mutually as we discovered new opportunities to improve the final product once we got into it. Jim and KCI always paid attention to the budget and I was alerted anytime there was a variance both positively and negatively and really felt close to all these decisions. Further, they got directly involved to deliver the best quality at the most reasonable cost and treated our investment like their own. The project was executed so well our house gets a rave and inspires awe from everyone that visits, but more importantly it is incredibly livable and comfortable and not ostentatious – Jim executed on our vision and really delivered. Our guests are so impressed with all the details that Jim and his team focused on – always commenting and asking who the builder was. The quality of each the subcontractors he selected and the way he managed them was a huge value to the project. The choices and craftsmanship in every corner is a credit to their focus on doing everything right and making sure the solution is a lasting and durable one. Jim and KCI worked closely with the architects, landscapers, designers and other professionals in a very collaborative and productive way – preventing many of the common problems, avoiding costly choices that would not really be worth it, but still allowing for the creativity and vision needed to make the project special. At the root of every decision was the focus on quality, durability and fitness for use. KCI’s advice was never wrong. Jim anticipated and addressed design issues before they were ever built and executed and made sure the house was built to last. Consistently, Jim has stayed with the project, tolerating my many requests for information and meetings, and patiently working to keep us updated on all the aspects – both good and bad news – as soon as any were to be shared. Jim also helped me work with the city and state officials and the various challenges with certain neighbors. He respected their concerns and addressed them to the best of his ability and probably protected me from having to deal with much of it. He knew how to navigate every step and he set expectations properly. Through it all, I have come to trust KCI and Jim deeply and hold them all in the highest regard. They are seasoned, honest, hard-working and exceptionally talented professionals and I could not imagine a better team to work with to execute on any project – big or small. Lastly, through all of this, I am forever thankful to Jim and KCI for creating our dream home – a place where our entire large family can gather, feel comfortable, enjoy each other and find peace in our busy lives. Still as the project is long completed, Jim and KCI are always there to stand behind their work and hold their subs to their commitments. I have never heard of or experienced such a commitment to quality and service in my professional life – these guys are pretty much amazing and I can’t say enough good things. I know this seems like a promotional ad, but I just encourage those interested in working with KCI to do the same thing I did: just talk with their former clients. That did it for me and my expectations were really exceeded.

Josh Makower, MD

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